5 fancy dress costumes that students can wear at Halloween

costums 1Halloween is now just a few weeks away and Fancy dress costumes will be in high demand. The 31st of October is an annual celebration that is respected across the world especially in the US and UK. Holding Halloween parties, decorating your house, carving out spooky pumpkins and lighting them in the dark and of course trick or treating are Halloween past times that are celebrated each year. Halloween is certainly a celebration that the younger generation enjoy. Halloween is popular not just with children but also students. As various events are organised in students unions and also in student houses across the UK, finding a memorable Halloween Costume needn’t take a long time thanks to these ideas:


The 2004 movie ‘Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy’ has become a cult classic. When a group of students want to wear similar costumes to each other, they can dress as various characters from this movie. Along with Ron Burgundy and Champ Kind, Brick Tamland and Brian Fantana are other great costume ideas. Not only can male students get involved with this theme but also women. This is because one of the lead characters was female – Veronica Corningstone. As Victoria has a permed wig and shoulder pads, she is also a retro character.


Ghostbusters is a popular Halloween theme with students. Many online retailers sell inflatable proton packs and boiler suits. A curly wig can even be worn to look like Dr Egon Spengler. Not only can a Ghostbusters outfit be purchased which is similar to what Winston Zeddemore or Dr Peter Venkman wore but also various other characters. For example, students can be Slimer by purchasing green body paint or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, of which an online retailer typically stocks in various sizes.

The Avengers

Released in 2012, there are many superheroes from ‘The Avengers’ to choose from when looking for Halloween costumes. Students can become the Incredible Hulk by applying green body paint and wearing a pair of shorts. Iron Man is another popular costume – both a plastic and cloth suit is typically available. Other characters from ‘The Avengers’ which students can be include Black Widow and Thor. Students could even be their leader – Nick Fury. It is relatively easy to recreate a Nick Fury costume because an eye patch and a long leather jacket is all that’s needed.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films are hugely popular and have resulted in many people dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa. Every Halloween, many groups of students dress as various characters. Not only can men choose this theme but also women. Along with Elizabeth Swann who was a central character in the first three films, Angelica also appeared heavily in the fourth movie.


Many movies have been made that feature zombies – ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Dawn of the Dead’ are prime examples. Even if a man hasn’t made a zombie costume before, it is relatively easy to do so. By liberally applying tubes of fake blood to torn clothing, white face paint can then be used to look like a member of the walking dead. When a large group of students want a Halloween Costume theme that won’t cost a lot of money, picking zombie is ideal. As both men and women can be transformed into a zombie, this idea isn’t limited to one gender in particular.

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