5 Prom Dress Accessorizing Tips

One of the most anticipated time in any teenage girl’s life is her prom. It’s the time when she gets to truly be the “Belle of the Ball”. That’s because it’s the one night when she gets the opportunity to dress up in a beautiful gown and dance the night away with her date and friends.

Prom Dress Being that it’s a night that she will truly remember for the rest of her life, you want to make sure that she feels like she looks her absolute best. This means that it’s not just important that she has a beautiful dress, but the perfect accessories to go along with them.

So, if you’re looking for a few tips on how to properly accessories a prom dress, we’ve got five great ones for you below:

Shoes should come right after the dress. Although jewelry is an important part of a teen girl’s overall look, once her dress is chosen, the next thing that she needs to focus on is her shoes. Remember that it’s not important that her shoes match her dress; simply that it coordinates with it. Have her try on a few pair to see if she can walk comfortably in them. The goal is to make sure she can move about and also that they will prove to be almost as much of a conversation piece as the dress itself.

Keep her hairstyle in mind. The kind of accessories that she should wear if she’s going to wear her hair down is quite different than if she would prefer to wear her hair up. This is why it’s a good idea to discuss with her how she wants her hair styled before you even head out to select jewelry pieces to complement her look.

Don’t “overdo it”. Remember that jewelry is meant to enhance a look, not overwhelm a person. So if she happens to be wearing a strapless gown, some dangling earrings, choker and bracelet is probably going to be too much. She should either go with the long earrings and a bracelet or some studs if she would prefer to wear the necklace.

Avoid “cliché” pieces. Say that she found her perfect prom dress on a website like Night Moves by Allure and while browsing through the site, she happened to see a few pictures of girls wearing tiaras and now she’s thinking about getting one. Although with certain extremely formal gowns, it can be a nice touch (for instance, if she’s trying to go for the Cinderella look), encourage her not to add an accessory just because she happens to see a lot of people wearing it. Sometimes accessories do not accentuate a look. Instead, they come off as being nothing more than a “sparkling cliché

Have her make-up professionally done. Accessorizing is not just about shoes, jewelry and a clutch (please make sure that she has a clutch). It’s also about make-up. In many ways, prom nights are to teenage girls what weddings are to brides. So make the investment to have her make-up professionally done. A fresh and natural-looking face is the perfect way to complete any prom look.

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