A plenty of ways available for fast hair growth

The rate of hair growth depends upon various elements or a combination of various factors. They are genetics, the food we intake, nutrients contents of the food we eat, and over styling. As per research, the hair experts say that the average cm of growth of hair is between 0.15 to 1.7 per month for a person. Even though, this rate of growth may differ from person to person due to illness, genes, and other factors like age and pregnancy. These various factors influence how fast does hair grow among humans. Age factor is a major criterion deciding the hair growth rate because the growth is maximum during a young age and very less during old age, and even it stops growing.


The hair growth rate is faster among males when compared to females who have less rate of growth. In general, the food we take in plays a vital role in our hair growth and hence trichologists advise to have good rich in iron and other nutrient content without fail. A balanced diet is inevitable for hair growth because hair requires basic nutrients for growing. An individual has to know the food content rich in various nutrients that are essential for hair growth. In general, the major foods that are essential for hair growth are Fish which contains Omega-3 and fatty acids, dark green vegetables such as vitamins A and C, Legumes, Biotin, Nuts and dairy products containing low fat. Regular intake of spinach and broccoli by us increases the hair growth rate tremendously.


The essential supplements present in food particles help hair to grow faster for both men and women. Special care is taken by an individual from preventing bad habits affecting hair growth. Yes, junk food, smoking, drinking, stress and eating disorders affect the rate of hair growth. So, healthy habits combined with balanced food are the main objective of faster hair growth among humans. Extra care is taken keeping your hair conditioned and hydrated for faster hair growth. It is advised to brush the hair in a gentle way for spreading the oil content down.


There are many hair clinics available in your city having experts for your hair growth. You can consult them for fast hair growth naturally. The experts first analyze the condition and nature of your hair follicles. After studying the condition, the treatment for fast hair growth is started by the expert at the clinic. The natural way of fast hair growth is possible for you if you are closely following treatments of the hair experts at the trichology Centre. After some time of treatment, the human hair growth rate is increased which you can see apparently. The faster growth of hair may change person to person due to age and genes.


If you expect fast hair growth, leave the hair in the natural state than styling it often or applying chemicals unnecessarily. Herbal remedies are readily available for fast hair growth. Fast hair growth is possible if the person follows a proper lifestyle without any deviation.Even ayurvedha treatments are available for you if you want to have faster hair growth.

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