How to Plan a Classy New Year’s Eve Party On a Budget

Turning a small budget in a classy New Year’s Eve celebration requires quite a bit of effort and creativity, but with hard work, you can still throw a soiree that will have your guests gushing about through the next year.

How to Plan a Classy New Year’s Eve Party On a Budget -

You want to create a champagne impact with a beer budget, and it can be done. If you are unsure how to throw the party of the year with class, here are some savings tips to get you started:

Forget About Disposables
It’s the last night of the year, so you will want to differentiate your decor from ordinary family gatherings and children’s birthday parties. Now is the time to skip the paper plates and plastic cups or utensils, which will cost you more in the long run anyway. It may be a pain to wash real glasses, plates and flatware post-party, but you will definitely amplify the class factor. Don’t worry about not having a large dining set; you can mix and match.

Top Notch Food with a Drive-Through Budget
When it comes to food, it is not so much what you are serving but how you present it. Finger foods are ideal if you have a large guest list, so your guests can have something to snack on throughout the night. Take simple foods and elevate them to the next level. A cheese or chocolate fondue station combined with fruit, crackers, cold cuts and veggies is a fun take on veggie trays and ordinary chips and party dips.

For a smaller crowd, learn how to make handmade sushi to serve at your party. You will want to practice a week or two in advance to perfect your technique. They’re the perfect size for your guests to enjoy, and easy to create an elegant presentation on top a classy looking platter. Your guests will think you dished out the big bucks for the special occasion, and they’ll never know the sushi was made by you unless you tell them.

Cost Effective but “Fancy” Cocktails
New Year’s Eve is a night for champagne, which can cost you a pretty penny. Instead, browse the Internet for unique holiday drink recipes, even as simple as mimosas, that use champagne as the alcoholic ingredient or offer a holiday punch. You will be able to control the costs of purchasing multiple types of liquor and bottles of champagne by focusing on one or two signature drinks.

Interactive Entertainment

How to Plan a Classy New Year’s Eve Party On a Budget

You might not have it in your budget to hire a DJ or band, but there are other ways to keep your guests entertained. Invite your friends and family to display their goals with other guests by hanging a chalkboard or poster board for them to write on.


It’s a great way to break the ice and get the conversation going. To make it even more interactive, combine the board with a photobooth and come up with a catchy hashtag. They can snap photos of the resolution board and photobooth and post to their favorite social media sites.

You normally wouldn’t want a television to cause a distraction, but on New Year’s Eve people like to keep an eye out for the ball to drop. Leave it on mute but keep it visible to all your guests. Once the countdown to midnight begins, the television will assist the crowd anticipating the final moments leading to the new year.

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan a classy New Year’s Eve party, especially on a budget. If you focus on the details that matter, your guests will have a memorable evening. No one will care how much you spent.

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