Latest Trends in Women’s Watches Today

Watches are currently one of the hottest fashion accessories for women, and the trend is not just to buy a single watch, but to accumulate a selection that reflects your personal style. Whether choosing a watch for yourself, or as a gift that will be used and enjoyed over the years, finding the perfect timepiece can be an easy, fun process if you have a little knowledge of what to look for.


A watch should be more than just something that is wrapped around a wrist. As well as being functional, it should illustrate and accentuate your personality. Consider when and how it will be worn, just as you would when selecting clothing for each occasion. Keep in mind that the watch should be suitable for the intended activity.


A fashion watch should fit with your everyday wardrobe. It should coordinate with your outfit and complement the colors that you wear the most. As well as being a much-loved wrist accessory, watches should be comfortable to wear. Look for useful features such as a second hands, date windows or calendar functions. A leather strap is usually lightweight and a better fit, but a metal band is water resistant, heavier and has similar durability to a rubber watch strap, which has a more casual look.


Dress watches should have a classical look. A thin strap is more fitting if the watch needs to be discreet, and not overshadow your outfit. Go bolder with a more flamboyant style if you want to make an impression. Highlight with gemstones or diamonds for formal occasions. Bracelet bands most suit this look, but a fine leather strap is also suitable. Look at Bulova, Armani and Michael Kors for inspiration.


Shockproof and waterproof digital watches are the best option for athletic purposes, as they provide more timing features, and they are easier to read. For water sports such as swimming and diving, a plastic or rubber strap may also be more practical. Look at Omega, Casio, Timex and Seiko for ideas.


If you prefer a more expensive timepiece, then consider a luxury watch from Chopard, Cartier, TAG Heuer, Omega, Patek Phillipe, and of course Rolex. Although you pay more, the quality of the materials, the finest craftsmanship and the exclusivity make these high value pieces a very worthwhile investment.


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