Men – How to Look Fitter Instantly

If you are a guy who is worried about his weight, then you may feel less confident. Whether you are single or attached, knowing you look good and are attractive to the people who matter is important, and while it is mainly something women talk about, it has just as big an effect on men. If you wish you were thinner and fitter, obviously the only way to achieve this in all situations is to lose weight and start working out, but there are some things you can do to look thinner instantly and give yourself a confidence boost that will help you stay motivated to actually become the size you want to be.


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Wear the Right Clothes

Browsing the web, you have probably seen that there are thousands of articles out there telling women how to choose the right clothes for their body shape. If clothes can do that much for women, then it shouldn’t be a surprise that they can make a man look far better, or far worse too. Whatever your taste or the style you have to wear for work, make sure your clothes fit well – look out for retailers specialising in big and tall clothing for men if you have trouble getting the best sizes in regular men’s clothing stores. Clothes that are too baggy will make you look bigger, and those that are too tight will highlight any flaws, so go for things that are fitted.

Improve Your Posture

Posture makes a massive difference to how in shape you look, and even some of the thinnest people have poor posture when standing and walking. Posture is about balancing muscle groups – when you have bad posture certain muscles are overused whereas others are too relaxed and become weak. This means that correcting your posture and standing properly may feel uncomfortable and weird at first – the muscles just aren’t used to working together properly. Do some stretches to loosen up tight areas, and then make a conscious effort to stand, sit and walk with good posture. You may also find a workout that focuses on your core will help you adopt better posture permanently.

Hair and Facial Hair

Another way you can look slimmer instantly is with a haircut that better suits your bone structure. Go to a good hairdresser with an open mind, and let them guide you towards a look that suits your face. Another thing to consider, though not technically something you can do instantly, is growing a beard. This can disguise a double chin and on the whole, usually makes men look thinner. Beards are also very fashionable at the moment, so you don’t need to worry about looking like an old man! Choose your beard style carefully, however – thin beards and ‘goatee’ styles can sometimes make your face look fatter, depending on your bone structure.

If you want a quick boost to how you look and feel, some new clothes, a change in hair and beard style and some work on your posture can make you seem fitter right now!

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