Packing Light: The Indispensable Beauty Items You Need on Vacation

A vacation is supposed to be a relaxing time, but sometimes preparing for a vacation proves to be full of anxiety and last-minute preparations. There’s usually a moment for many women in which we realize we cannot, in fact, pack our entire closet, nor our entire bathroom vanity. Unless you can afford to check eight bags at the airport or have enough room in your car to stuff most of your belongings, at some point you have to put your foot down and say, “I don’t need to bring this with me.”

Yes, it can be stressful to determine what you’ll need and what you can definitely live without. And for those of us who enjoy elaborate hair and makeup routines, choosing just a few essential tools to bring with us is especially difficult.

Planning Ahead Is the Key to Packing Light

The key to eliminating pre-vacation stress is to plan it all out. Choose the exact outfits you will bring, right down to the shoes, and then plan a makeup look and hairstyle to complement it. The more overlap you can achieve between the shoes, eyeshadow and lipstick colors, and hairstyle components, the fewer things you will need to bring with you.

Also, think about what events you plan to attend or the activities you plan to do. If you’re going to the beach or to a festival, you’ll need to pack sunscreen formulated for both your skin and your hair. On the other hand, if you’ll primarily be inside, you probably won’t need these things (or at least not such a large bottle).

What Amenities Will Be Available at Your Accommodation?

Another factor to consider is whether your hotel, rental, B&B or other accommodation will have any supplies available for your use. For example, it’s unlikely that a hotel would have curling irons and flat irons in each room, but most do have a hair dryer at your disposal. Of course, this won’t be your top rated hair dryer complete with temperature settings and multiple attachment heads. However, it will get the job done.

However, at an upscale B&B or a rental vacation home, you might have more tools to choose from. Find out ahead of time whether you need to pack some of your styling equipment. Knowing that your top-of-the-line curling iron won’t get damaged in transit will be a load off your mind.

Pack Just One of Anything You Think You’ll Need

Yes, we all have multiple mascaras, foundations, cleansers, toners, concealers and highlighters, not to mention a variety of palettes for everything from eyeshadow to rouge to lip liner and lipstick. But will you use all of these? No. Will you even have room in your bags for all of them? Probably not. Remember, you can let go of some anxiety (“But what if I want/need it when I get there?”) by meticulously planning your entire look from head to toe for each day of your vacation.

For all of your non-colorful beauty products, like your foundation and mascara, bring just one bottle or variety. For the colorful products, bring either your favorites or your most comprehensive palette. This will help avoid a mish-mash of products that you never end up using while on your vacation.

Relax and Remember This Final Tip

Finally, remember that you can always go to a convenience store to pick up anything you might have forgotten. Relax and enjoy your time off, opting for simple styles if need be to keep things fun and lighthearted.

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