Sought-after Modern Collectables

Contrary to poplar belief, toy cars, lorries and trams aren’t just for kids. In fact, they are collectable items that are fun to acquire and great to display. If you know someone who is a real transport buff, collectable items are a great idea for birthdays and Christmas presents – and who knows, in years to come they could be worth a great deal.

There are collectables available from various different periods in history; the Victorian times, World Wars One and Two, and of course the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Today, we’re also seeing an influx of collectables representative of modern day Britain and it’s roads and other transport systems. If you’re looking for a special gift for someone, here are a couple of ideas from throughout the ages…

Eddie Stobart Lorry
Eddie Stobart is one of the nation’s best known logistics companies. It’s growth is a somewhat romantic tale, telling of a small firm based in Cumbria that has grown to achieve national recognition and a multi-million pound turnover. You can’t go on a motorway without glimpsing an Eddie Stobart lorry, in its easily recognisable green and white. With a miniature Eddie Stobart you can welcome a small part of this great company into your home.

Blackpool tram
Famed for its tower, its illuminations and its pier, Blackpool is also renowned for its trams. This method of transport has been in use here since 1934 and boasts a rich heritage. A 1:76 scale die-cast model of a Blackpool tram allows you to bring the magic of this great British seaside resort home.

Big red London bus
The bright red double decker buses are such a staple of British capital city culture they were brought back in a slightly modernised manner for the 2012 celebrations of the Olympics and the Jubilee. You can have a reminder of this great British tradition in your very own home with a model of the 1949 RTW red double decker bus model.

Collectables most definitely aren’t just for children, they’re a reminder of our rich heritage in transportation.

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