Summer 2015’s Most Wearable Fashion Trends

The Summer 2015 season is filled with amazing fashion that women of all ages are ready to flaunt by day and by night. But there are certain fashion trends that can be difficult to take off of the runway and pull off in the real world. Thankfully, there are many wearable fashion trends to choose from this summer, and some of them are listed below so that you can easily figure out how you can revamp your look, upgrade your wardrobe, and look your best whether you are headed to the beach or the office.


Photo by Barbro Andersen

Jumpsuits are Back

A resurgence of 1970s inspired fashion has brought back pretty jumpsuits that are super comfortable and come in a variety of styles, from those that can be worn during the day to those that are dressed up and can even be worn during special nighttime events. Have fun accessorizing this outfit with some retro jewelry and a pair of sandals with a thicker heel.

Yellow and White are Perfect Color Choices

Two colors that are hugely popular this season are yellow and white. You can go for monochromatic looks with these colors, as all-white outfits are definitely in style as well, or you can mix and match these hues with complementary shades. No matter what you choose, one thing is certain: you will be able to easily create a cheerful outfit that is perfect for wearing in the summer sun.

Are you afraid of wearing bright yellow? Don’t worry, as there are plenty of shades to choose from, such as marigold, saffron, canary, and amber, so there is definitely a yellow that is perfect for you. Just figure out what your skin’s undertone is and then find a shade of yellow that complements it.

Black and White Color Combos are “In”

If you do not feel comfortable with yellow or a completely white outfit, rest assured that you still have plenty of other options, as black and white is also hugely popular for summer 2015. To switch things up and modernize your look for 2015 at the same time, wear a black and white outfit that features interesting prints and patterns, silhouettes, and textures. For example, you can pair pretty white sequin tops with a pair of black pants.


Another great way to stay cool but still look like you stepped off the runway when the weather gets hot is by purchasing a few shirtdresses that you can wear by day or for a casual night out. This is yet another classic look that has been reinvented for 2015, so look for shirtdresses that feature double slits high up on the legs, drop waists, and plenty of colors and patterns.

The summer of 2015 is filled with a variety of fashion trends, many of which are easy to achieve and wear by day or night. So go ahead and splurge on some contemporary pieces and accessories to give yourself a new look that will be perfect for the warm weather and sunshine that awaits you.

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