The Most Influential Outfits of All Time

1) Audrey Hepburn’s LBD

Audrey Hepburn is renowned for making the little black dress an essential item of any woman’s wardrobe. The simplicity of her elegance in her famously-worn black dress with a string of pearls has been copied by many from the time Breakfast at Tiffany’s made its debut all the way up to this day. The image of her posing in the dress with a long stemmed cigarette is recognized world-wide, which makes it at the top of our list for the most influential outfits of all time.  Women of every age look up to Audrey Hepburn’s demure sense of style as a timeless icon, as seen in this one image. In fact, the “LBD” is now considered to be an essential piece of any woman’s wardrobe. 

black dress 2) Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress

There’s no description needed other than “white dress” in reference to Marilyn Monroe and the same image will immediately cross most anyone’s mind worldwide. This is another image that has been replicated countless times throughout the years. In movies, advertisements, comedies, and many other channels, Marilyn’s dress has been an inspiration to many. Similar to Audrey, Marilyn took a simple, monotone dress and turned it into something sexy yet sophisticated. The image of her in the dress has been considered one of the most idealistic and beautiful images of the film industry of all time, making it number two on our list of the most iconic outfits of all time.

3)  Olivia Newton John in Grease

Olivia Newton John’s slinky black pantsuit in the final scene of Grease was the moment sweet naive Sandy transformed into a sexy confident woman every girl of her time aspired to be. In a lustrous black pantsuit, red heels, and faux leather jacket, Olivia Newton John danced her way into becoming another universally recognized fashion icon, inspiring many designers after Grease was released.

4) Alicia Silverstone In Clueless

Alicia Silverstone’s character as Cher in the cult classic movie Clueless from 1995, wears 50 different outfits throughout the movie. The styles Cher showed off heavily influenced the fashion of the mid to late 90’s. Two outfits from this movie are particularly recognizable. One being her perfectly paired yellow plaid skirt and blazer paired with white knee high socks. Plaid was seen all over the 90’s from women like Cher, matching every part of their outfit with a well thought out color scheme, to the grunge look over oversized plaid shirts worn by both men and women. The second most recognizable outfit Cher dons is her white barely-there Calvin Klein slip. Her father comments that her so-called dress looks like underwear, to which Cher resolves by draping a completely sheer white shirt over her dress. This sheer piece was another popularly chosen trend of the 90’s.

5) Britney Spear’s School Girl Outfit

Speaking of the 90’s, Britney Spears made her first appearance in 1999 with her top of the charts hit, Hit Me Baby One More Time. The outfits she wore in this music video, followed by many more, have been argued to be the reason the bare midriff hit the scene to preteens nationwide. Not long after Britney Spears rose to stardom, low-rise jeans paired with belly baring tops became the essential outfit to own in Y2K.

Written by Danny Dangor at PrimeTime Clothing. Danny is a leader in the wholesale clothing distributors.

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