A Millennial’s Guide to Birkenstocks

Surprisingly enough, the shoe trends today for Millennials follow an entirely different track than previous generations. Not interested simply in the most fashionable shoe available, you will find Millennials buying at the latest online Birkenstock sale. Why? Millennials today are interested in brands that not only have some style but are unique and have functionality. And Birkenstocks fit the bill just right.sandals-477436_960_720

Finding the Best Sandals for Your Lifestyle

Birkenstock is more than a throwback to an earlier pre-Twitter time. These sandals have a unique style all of their own. Those that wear these great long-lasting sandals walk on the beaten path of life. They don’t want a brand that is Instagram trendy for a day, then garbage tomorrow. The Millennial shopper is interested instead in quality brands that offer durability, longevity.

Birkenstocks are available in an incredible number of unique styles, perfect for you to express who you are. Some favorite styles include the Habana Oiled Leather Sandal, Mocha Birkibuc, Black Birko Flor, and the Cocoa Nubuck. Make a real statement with the flashy but versatile Magenta Purple Nubuck. Go with metallic or polka dot for a real fashion statement. You can find styles for men, women, and even children.


One of the reasons that Birkenstocks remain a shoe mainstay is that the sandals are comfortable. The foot bed of the Birkenstocks easily contours to your foot’s unique arches and shape. This extra comfort is not often found in lower quality sandals. Enjoy excellent cushion and support for long walks. Comfortable feet are definitely healthy feet.

Wear and Tear

Surf the Net and you will find hundreds of proud Birkenstock owners sharing their years old, sometimes decade-old, pairs of Birkenstocks. These sandals withstand the test of time, unlike many trendy sandals that break after a few steps on the beach. If your Birkenstocks begin to show wear and tear over time, you can have them repaired. This can extend their life by a few more years.


And yes, Birkenstocks can be worn with socks! Or skip the socks and show off your manicured toenails. A favorite fashion statement, definitely for the most individual of individuals, wearing sandals with socks takes on a new fashion statement with a pair of Birkenstocks. Mix and match your socks with the sandal pattern if you dare.


These durable, comfortable, and versatile sandals are perfect for traveling. Whether you are dressed up for a nice dinner or getting ready to jump into the ocean for a nice swim, your Birkenstocks are perfect for your vacation travels. The sandals are adaptable to many different climates, from desert sands to paved walkways. They are the quintessential beach shoe.

Enjoy the comfort, durability, and one-of-a-kind style of the Birkenstock sandal. Whether you are simply leaving the office and giving your feet a much-needed break from your high heels, or you are ready to spend a day lazily at the beach, Birkenstock’s are the perfect sandal for you.

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