Dress to Impress: A Quick Guide to Your Perfect Interview Attire

dress for interviewIn the business world, there are suits and then there are power suits, which are in a class by themselves. Power suits are the suits executives wear during those important moments, such as board meetings, or during the time of the interviews for their graduate jobs. Power suits impart a class and a charisma that one needs to make a long-lasting impact on each person present in the room.

These days’ lighter fabrics, straighter lines and slimmer cuts are in trend. As far as men are concerned, everything zeros down to getting the perfect and the right fit suit.

Getting the right suit

Acquiring a perfect fit is one of life’s biggest challenges, especially for men. While getting the suit made or buying one never trust the tailor alone; no one knows you better than you.

THE JACKET: The fit of the jacket shows whether a man knows his size or not. The jacket fits only if there is no visible shoulder outline on the sleeves or there is no sagging as well as overhanging of the shoulders. Jacket length should also be appropriate. You should have an even jacket hem length in a way that it covers the butt and the knuckles. Check this by keeping both your hands on the side. In addition to this, make sure that the cufflinks of the shirt protrude from the dress jacket to not more than half or quarter of an inch.

THE BUTTONS: Now this is something most men ignore. Only one button can create the difference, portraying a man from a gentleman to an unsophisticated one. Consider buttoning on the top most buttons in a jacket that contains two buttons. However, for a jacket that has been provided with three buttons, consider buttoning the middle one. In case any ripples or creases radiate from the fastened buttons, than this clearly shows that this particular jacket is a misfit.

THE PANTS: Ideally, the hems of a pant are supposed to cover the lace-ups of the shoes when it comes to men. On the backside, it must hang over or almost an inch above the shoe welts. In addition to this, the suit is definitely a misfit if it is not perfect in connection to the waist measurement size.

As a general rule of thumb, true waist measurement is taken neither across the naval nor around the hips. It is always taken in the middle of the both body parts. Also, make sure that the waistband is comfortable enough. Experts recommend wearing pants with flat fronts than the pleated fronts for interviews related to graduate jobs as they provide a more smart, flattering and sophisticated look.


It’s the finer details that give your attire that air of grace and authority. Here are some additional tips for the same.

Tie: When talking about power dressing, one cannot miss the business gods from the likes of Donald Trump and Larry Ellison plus the impact made by their appearances. Always coordinate the colour of your tie with that of your shirt. Also, do not miss on the tiepins or tie clips. It will aid polishing the entire look.

CUFFLINKS: These are important accessories.

BELTS: Always wear a belt as it aids in putting the entire look together. Ensure that your belt matches well with the shoes.

WATCH: Having some metal around your wrist certainly boosts of a powerful and manly look. It looks extremely attractive. Prefer a quartz watch over a digital one.

SHOES: Shoes should not only be extremely classy but also comfortable at the same time. You can go for black, brown and burgundy shades for interview or corporate look. Do not forget to polish them.

Author Bio:

Paula Anthony is a fashion designer who holds an expertise in designing clothes for the corporate world. Her recently launched collection features men’s attire for occasions like interview for the graduate jobs. To know more about graduate schemes visit site – http://www.graddiary.com