How Long Does it Take To Sell A Rolex Watch


There are many reasons for wanting to sell a preowned Rolex watch. As well as capitalising on demand, a second hand Rolex watch can also be sold when money is needed very quickly, such as before Christmas. Here’s how long it can take to sell a second hand Rolex watch:


A Rolex watch can be sold to a high street shop, such as a jeweller or a pawn shop. When a Rolex watch is taken into a jeweller or a pawn shop, it can be assessed and a quote is then given. If the first quote is accepted, its owner is paid. Just moments after a Rolex watch is taken into a jewellers or a pawn shop, its former owner can receive exactly what they wanted.

2 days

One of the most popular ways to sell a second hand Rolex watch is via a website that issues quotes. After entering information onto an enquiry form, a Rolex watch is then put into a delivery pack. Usually assessed on the same day that it arrives, the owner is then contacted regarding a quote. When a quote is accepted, funds are transferred into a bank account on the same working day. If a Rolex watch is sold via a website that issues quotes, they can do so at their convenience. As information can be entered onto an enquiry form at any time of the day, there are no restrictions. A Rolex watch can even be sold late in the evening.

7 days

As it can take a couple of days for an advertisement to appear, the owner of a Rolex watch might not be contacted for several days. If its owner is in no hurry to sell a Rolex watch, they can put an advertisement in a newspaper. When pertinent information is in an advertisement, such as its serial number and if a Certificate of Authenticity is provided, there can be a lot of interest in it.

28 days

If a Rolex watch is sold via EBay or Amazon, an auction can run for an entire month. When an auction lasts for four weeks, there is more opportunity for potential buyers to look at it. By setting an extended auction, it is highly likely that a Reserve Price will be met. Although an auction on EBay or Amazon can be set for a couple of days, it isn’t recommended and should be avoided at all costs. If the owner of a Rolex watch wants to be paid its true value, they should be patient and make sure that an auction lasts for up to a month. As a result, its owner will be pleasantly surprised, especially if a bidding war happens. If a rare Rolex watch is owned, a higher figure than expected can be paid for it. A Rolex watch could eventually be sold to someone who lives on the other side of the world and is willing to pay handsomely.

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