How to Pick an Engagement Ring Your Girlfriend Will Say Yes To!

Choosing anything for the woman in your life can be a bit of a stressful ordeal. You have to get the right size, a style that is both fashionable and in keeping with her taste, and of course, spend an appropriate amount (too much and she may flip out that you could have saved it for more important things, too little and she’ll be disappointed!). This is never more apparent than when you have to choose an engagement ring. This may be among the most stressful purchases there is, because unlike other major buys like a car or a vacation, you can’t ask her opinion if you want to be traditional and make it a surprise!


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How Much Should You Spend?

You know that old ‘rule’ that you are supposed to spend two months’ salary on her ring? Well discard that right away. What a lot of people don’t know is that that rule comes from an advertising campaign run by DeBeers to encourage men returning to the USA from World War II to spend a lot of money on engagement rings. Do you really want to follow the advice of a 1940’s American commercial? In reality, the two months rule never really works out, in the modern age when your salary is likely to be supporting your lifestyle. Work out what you can afford to spend, and even if it is only a couple of hundred, it is unlikely to be a problem. It is not like your girlfriend doesn’t have a sense of how much money you have, and if she knows you aren’t exactly loaded, she is not going to be expecting a ring to rival Kim Kardashian’s in size and cost!

What Is Her Style?

You know your girlfriend pretty well, so you should have an idea of her style. Does she wear a lot of elaborate, pretty jewellery, or will her new engagement ring be just about the only piece she wears? For engagement rings, diamond rings are the traditional choice, but you can also consider other stones either on their own or with diamonds to incorporate her favourite colour, or create a more unusual look if you think that is what she would prefer. Picking something that suits her personal style is one of the things that will really win her over, so do look at the kind of jewellery she wears and pick something in keeping with it, or if she wears no jewellery, look for something classic and simple.

Sneaky Sizing

People’s hands vary a lot in size. The easiest thing to do is sneakily borrow a ring she wears on her ring finger and take it with you when you go ring shopping, but that isn’t always an option as not all women wear rings on that finger before they are engaged. You can consider asking her mother or sister for help – they may have similar sized hands, or get a friend of hers to try and find out through conversation. You may have to be imaginative and crafty, but a perfect sized ring will pay off!

Proposing is a scary thing, but with the right ring on your side, you can make the moment she says yes even more special!

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