Make The Best Of The Ski Season

Its ski season, which means the slopes will be filled to the brim with tourists and revelers from all backgrounds. Of course the sport side of things is only half the reason they’re there. Ski-culture is well and truly its own entity now with visitors coming for festivals such as Snowbombing, views from a top the mountains and the general atmosphere these locations provide.


With it being a different climate your going to have to re-think your wardrobe when you head out there. Ski-Sheik is a phenomenon that has grabbed hold of popular culture ever since the 60s and shows no signs of stopping. But skiwear didn’t always used to be fashionable.


Back in the 1920’s it provided you with warmth…and not much else.  In fact back then you’d be lucky to get any kind of flexibility from it at all. Mainly used for competitions up until then, skiwear was given a major shake up during the 2nd world war when alpine warfare was a very real thing.


Nowadays however fashion, flexibility and all round comfort is the name of the game. You can have at look at the infographic below and have a look at the many different stages skiwear has passed through since its inception. Who knows where it will go next.

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