Rugged Speakers for Outdoor Fun

When installing all new Roswell speakers on your boat, placement can be an important consideration. In some cases, improper placement can result in damaged speakers. This is especially true when during fishing expeditions, which can result in some rather lively movements while on one’s boat.

Fortunately, there are a number of methods at your disposal to help devise a ‘kick-proof’ plan for your boat speakers. Such measures can be important for keeping repair costs low, while also retaining the ability to enjoy quality music while out on the water.

Location Is Essential

As stated above, finding the right place for your newly installed speakers is an important consideration in keeping them intact for their duration. This can be difficult for smaller boats, which may not possess the optimal amount of space necessary to afford the best placement.

In general, speakers should never be placed at foot-level. As most boaters are already keenly aware, this can lead to many unfortunate occurrences where speakers are kicked or damaged in some other way. Such damage may irreparably harm new speakers, leading to numerous costly repairs and even replacement in extreme cases.

Speaker Design Can Also Play a Role

In instances where placement options are limited on one’s boat, purchasing more robust speakers from specialty manufacturers may help keep damage to a minimum. Much of this has to do with the type of materials used to create speaker grills. Those constructed from plastic are far more susceptible to damage from errant kicks and bumps. However, many manufacturers have attempted to remedy this issue by incorporating sturdier materials in their design,

For instance, stainless steel can be a good option for creating sturdy speaker grills. This is particularly useful in those situations where speakers must be mounted at floor-level due to limited space. While stainless steel grills can bend, they are much harder to break than other types of materials. This can help keep your speakers operational when contending with less-than-desirable placement options.

Don’t Forget the Waterproofing

While preventing concussive damage to speakers is certainly important, ensuring your speakers are also waterproof is another crucial concern. Water damage can wreak havoc on a speaker setup, which is a continuous issue for those spending a great deal of time on their boats.

To this end, using the proper sealant can make all the difference when installing speakers. This may be more of an issue when replacing existing speakers, as the new speakers and the space previously occupied may not always match up correctly. Using marine sealant to fortify any gaps or crevices can help keep electronic components intact, which is essential for continuing optimum operation.

Keep Your Speakers Intact No Matter What

Speakers can be a significant investment for boat owners, especially those insisting on a high-quality sound output. That’s why protecting newly installed speakers is so important. Due to the often harsh conditions when boating, there are a number of factors one must anticipate to prevent damage from occurring. Things like placement and waterproofing capability can have a real impact on the quality of sound, as well as the lifespan of your speaker setup. By keeping the above in mind, boat owners can rest assured that their speakers will afford endless enjoyment when out on the water.

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