The Four Basic Internet Skills You Need for Online Dating

The Daily Mail recently reported that more than seven million people in the United Kingdom have never used the internet. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) this represents just over 14 percent of adults and a full two-thirds of elderly adults. Reasons range from not having a computer to not knowing how. With the number of over 50 dating sites increasing by the day, the chance to fall in love can also be hindered by a lack of internet knowledge. This helpful article will acquaint you with the four basic skills you need to look for love (or do anything else you want to do) online.

Learn to Type

Whether you aspire to type 100 words per minute or simply to “hunt and peck” your way through an introductory email, learning to type is a skill you can acquire at any age. You can learn right from a home computer or take a course at a local community college. Learning to type will increase your confidence right away and also get you familiar with some special keyboard functions and shortcuts to save time.

The Four Basic Internet Skills You Need for Online Dating

Perform an Internet Search

Before you can date online, you will need to sign up for an internet dating site. This means you will need to perform an internet search to select a site. To do this, you need to use something called a “web browser.” All internet-capable computers will have one or more web browsers installed (some of the most well known include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari for Apple and Google Chrome). You can locate the web browser by holding your mouse over the graphics on your screen to see their titles. Click on the browser and when you see the window pop up, type “internet dating sites” into the search bar. Click enter to select a site.

Upload Photos

Once you create your profile on the internet dating site of your choice, you will want to upload a photograph of yourself. Here, pay close attention to the file types permitted by the site you have selected (common file types include .jpg, .bmp and .gif). First, locate the photo you want to upload on your computer and not the file name. Then use the site uploader tool to select that file name and upload it to your profile page. You can also add more than one photo to increase your chances of receiving emails from potential suitors.

Use Email

Finally, you will need to learn how to send and receive email messages in order to strike up a new friendship (and more!) online. Since each online dating website will have a slightly different setup, you will want to pay attention during the registration process to discover where your email inbox is located online. You will see simple buttons like “compose,” “send” and “delete” to help you manage the email in your inbox.

With these four basic internet skills you can be ready to search for new love online in no time at all!

About the Author: Kerry Hargrove is a dating consultant. Part matchmaker, part confidence-builder, she helps her mostly over-50 clientele find love at any age.



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