What You Need To Sell A Rolex Watch


When wanting to sell a Rolex watch, there are many things which its owner must do. As well as getting quotes from various sources, they can also provide relevant information. Before selling their model, here’s what the owner of a Rolex watch should find out or obtain:

A serial number

Each authentic Rolex watch has a serial number. If they don’t know what it is, its owner cannot say with absolute certainty. Although a serial number is usually situated below the 3 o’clock position, it can be in other places on earlier models that are very rare. If its owner is uncertain what their serial number is, they can ask an official Rolex dealer, such as a jeweller.

A Certificate of Authenticity

As with a serial number, it is vital that a Certificate of Authenticity is provided when the decision has been taken to sell Rolex watches. If this document has been lost, a copy can be obtained from an official Rolex dealer or Rolex themselves. By paying a set fee, a copy of a Certificate of Authenticity is given. When a Rolex watch is then sold to a jeweller or a website that issues quotes, this document can be provided. Before a quote is accepted, its owner can also confirm that they have it.

Proof that a Rolex watch has been serviced

If a Rolex watch that’s decades old is being sold, it might have many faults. Although its parts are designed to last, faults can develop with them. By having a Rolex watch serviced beforehand, any problems are overcome. When a Rolex watch is taken to a jeweller or information is entered onto an enquiry form, its owner can state that it has recently been serviced. If necessary, a receipt from an official Rolex repairer can be provided which proves that it has been serviced.

Its former owners

When wanting to sell Rolex watches, it can be stated how many former owners it has had. If a Rolex watch has been passed down from father to son, there can be added interest in it because not many people have owned it. Even if a Rolex watch has had numerous owners, this information should be supplied.

An official box that’s made by Rolex

Although not necessarily required, a Rolex watch can be put into an official box that is made by this manufacturer. There are many places to buy an official Rolex box. As well as an internet auction site, it can also be bought from newspaper advertisements. When a Rolex watch is put into an official box, it will be a far more attractive item. As a result, it can sell for a much higher figure. When its owner wants to be paid the asking price, they can invest in an official Rolex box. By purchasing an official box from someone in the local area or who guarantees Next Day delivery, a Rolex watch can soon be put into it.

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